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Terms of Reference for Consultant to Undertake Development of Training Content for Technicians and Technologists Training Workshops

Monday, 14th September 2020

The Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers(UIPE) is the Institution that brings togetherengineers, technologists and technicians in Uganda. It was constituted topromote the general advancement of the science and practice of engineering inUganda.

UIPE is undertaking the third phase of the GCRF project focusingon “Strengthening Diversity and Inclusion in Uganda’s engineering sector” withsupport of an award from the Royal Academy of Engineering. Amongst theactivities to be delivered is Development of training workshops for technicians(Diploma Holders) and technologists (Higher Diploma).

UIPE is currently experiencing a challenge of very low numbers ofTechnician and Technologist members, the total membership for each of theseclasses stands at 84 and 77 respectively. They are hardly attracted to attendingUIPE activities as most of the trainings and conferences are more inclinedtowards the engineers.

These training workshops should be demand driven courses that enhancethe professional growth, competences and relevance of all technologists and techniciansacross the country, and resultantly stimulate membership growth for thesespecific classes of UIPE Membership.

The Institution seeks to recruit a consultant to develop contentand training materials for use in the trainings for Technologists andTechnicians.

Scope/duration of consultancy (up to 45 days)

Deliverables/duties and responsibilities

1.      Identify 6 relevant trainings for Technologists and Technicians tokeep them relevant to the job market (1)

2.      Develop content, topics and course outline for the proposedtrainings (2)

3.      Prepare a Training Manual and guidelines (3)

4.      Propose required competences for the trainers of the identifiedtrainings (4)



Qualifications and Experience

The consultant should:

1.      Have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Management,Public Administration and Management or equivalent.

2.      At least 5 years of experience in developing course content for trainingfor Technicians and Technologists

3.      Membership with a professional body will be an added advantage.

4.      Should demonstrate ability to communicate and should have a trackrecord of deliverables within an agreed time.



Applicants should send a cover letter and CVto should be received by 17:00hrs 25th September 2020