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Council Committees

UIPE has the following Committees;

1. Membership Education & Training Committee MET
The Membership, Education and Training (MET) Committee deals with all matters concerning Membership to the Institution, election of members, transfer to and from different membership categories and qualifications of Engineers. In addition, the Committee is charged with the responsibility of matters concerning education and training of engineers, technologists and technicians. The Committee co-ordinates and supervises the institution's scheme for training and mentoring of Graduate Engineers.

2. Finance & Administration Committee F&A
The Finance and Administration Committee is responsible for Financial Planning, budgeting, analysis of income and expenditure, general administrative matters and initiating ideas and means of developing the Institution.

3. Joint Assessment Committee JAC
This Committee was established in January 2011 when the Joint admission to UIPE and ERB commissioned. This Committee is composed of members of UIPE and ERB and Its main role is to implement Joint Admission of members to UIPE and registration to ERB

4. Accreditation Committee
Council has worked with the National Council for Higher Education and most of the Universities offering engineering courses to improve their programmes for accreditation. Council has also constituted the Accreditation Committee solely to handle issues of accreditation. Council regularly organizes meetings for all Universities offering engineering courses with the National Council for Higher Education to purposely review accreditation of engineering courses offered at these Universities.

5. National Technology Forum Committee
The Committee is responsible for spear heading the integration of Science and technology into Socio-Economic development of the country. It is also charged with the responsibility of organizing the annual National Technology Conference. In addition, the Committee is charged with the responsibility of organizing the National Technology Conference and for matters  concerning the publication and distribution of the Institution's publications such as Newsletters, Magazine and Journals.

6. Technology House Committee
The Technology House must be built. This Committee is responsible for advising Council on Technology House matters, and seeking partnerships to join the building effort. The Committee may co-opt resource persons as deemed appropriate.

7. Constitutional Review Committee
This Committee was established to support Council in review of the Constitution

This Committee was established in2013 to support Council in nominations for awards of medals of honour to deserving engineers and engineering professionals. UIPE Awards aim to improve professionalism in the engineering profession and to recognize/reward best practice. The Committee will be set up in collaboration with the NTF Committee.
8. UIPE Awards Committee