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UIPE President Eng. Vincent Ochwo Olie 2018/2020





UIPE President 2018-2020 Eng. Vincent Ochwo Olie

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

Master of Business Administration

Employer: Uganda National Bureau of Standards

Corporate Member – UIPE (PE 650) ERB Reg. No. 662






1.  Vice President (Mechanical), UIPE.(2016-2018)


2.  Honorary Secretary, UIPE. (2014-2016)


3.  Chair, MET Committee. (2012/2013,2016-2018)


4.  WETT Committee Mentor. (2017 to date)


5.  Chair, Joint Assessment Committee (UIPE and ERB). (2011 – 2014)


6.   Organiser and Trainer, of UIPE Continuous Professional Development workshops. (2011 to date)


7.  Secretary, UIPE Constitutional Review Committee (2015/2016)


8.  Graduate Apprenticeship Program Committee Member 2013


Eng.  Vincent Ochwo Olie,  has  a long  record  of active service to UIPE. He has served in roles of increasing responsibility over the past few years to date, where he is the former Vice President (Mechanical).


He has demonstrated both commitments to the Institution as well as the ability, playing a major role in helping UIPE to become more relevant and responsive to members’ needs.


His work with JAC, MET, WETT and on the CPD workshops has directly impacted hundreds of members, and he played a pivotal role in helping them to achieve their goal of becoming registered engineers.


Some of his notable achievements include:


?    Engineers  Registration  Enhancement  Program of 2015  he took lead, developed and implemented this program that led to over 150 new registered engineers in its pilot phase. He

was also the Chairman of the Organising Committee, EREP 2017    of December 2017, that helped over 200 participants to prepare for registration.


?    Representing  UIPE,  most  recently  at  UNESCO Africa  Engineering  Week 2017  where  he chaired        one          of          the          sessions          and          received          an          award.



?    Graduate Training Program Development Committee 2018 –He is a member of the committee developing this  program  for adoption  by  both UIPE  and  Industry that  will help graduate engineers to receive structured training through their employers leading to proven skills and engineering registration.


?    WETT Committee– As a member and mentor of this committee, Eng. Vincent has played a key rolein addressing the unique needs of female engineering professionals at all levels.


?    As Secretary  to  the UIPE  Constitution  Review Committee, he played a pivotal role in the amendment  of  the UIPE Constitution 3rd   Revision 2016, (which is in use now) and in the Establishment of UIPE Trusteeship.


Working on Council and various UIPE Committees and in different roles in the Institution has given him a clear insight into the workings of the Institution. If promised after being elected as President UIPE, he will be able to play a more participatory role in the Institution, taking it to greater heights.His immediate actions were to:


a)   Increase UIPE membership at all levels.

b)  Conduct relevant Continuous Professional Development to the members

c)   Advocate for professional engagement with Government and other engineering bodies such as ERB, UNABCEC, UACE, EAFEO, FAEO and WFEO

d)  Ensure the commencement of the construction of Technology House, and e)   Build the capacity of UIPE.